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Appt no 601 , 6th floor , building no 26 behind Aster clinic, Butina, Sharjah UAE

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+92 310 2301133

+92 310 2301133

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Helping Apps Reach Their Full Potential

5+ years of industry experience and 1000’s of apps later - we now have the secret sauce to creating tailored solutions that work from day 1!

Our Solutions

Stay Policy Complaint

We ensure you stay policy compliant throughout your app business.

Optimize App Monetization Strategy

Boost your revenue with customized monetization strategies specific to your app category.

Find the best Ad Format for your App

Use A/B Testing on multiple Ad Formats & Placement to identify high performing Ads.

Don’t Miss out your App Metrics

We make sure you achieve your target metrics without compromising user experience.
Boost your App Growth Journey
Get Comprehensive App Consultation

Give your Mobile Apps the Strategic Edge

Let AdvertSplash be the launch pad to your App’s Success!
Monetize your App better with Ad Mediation Techniques
Discover data-backed new revenue opportunities
Dedicated Success Manager to optimize Ads spending
Dedicated Support from our AdMob Experts
Resolve Critical Policy Violation Issues
Get insights from our App Experts on Ad Placements

App Growth Consultation

Work with our app experts to gain high quality users for your app. From app store optimization to paid campaigns, identify the right strategies for your app. Use past data from top apps in your category to know how to better increase your Daily and Monthly active users.

App Monetization Strategy to meet your Goals

From figuring new placements to increasing revenue from existing Ad slots, our experts breakdown each aspect of your app. Based on the gathered data and historical data from top performing apps, we’ll help you create customised strategies that’ll guarantee maximum revenue from your app.

App Funnel Optimization

Optimize each aspect of your users journey from acquisition to retention. Get your key app metrics like engagement rates, ARPDAU and eCPM analyzed to get actionable insights. Elevate your app to the next level!

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AdvertSplash Provides exceptional service with complete transparency. I've been working with them for almost 8 months and i am loving the quality of service they are providing.

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With 9+ years of expertise in the mobile ecosystem, AdvertSplash has data-backed techniques to help you scale up your app. We have helped more than 1500+ app publishers and advertisers using our AI-powered technology to scale user engagement, acquisition, monetization, and more.