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Powerful Mobile App
Monetization Solution

Reach your website’s highest earning potential with our website monetization platform – AdvertSplash AdX. Leverage expert-vetted strategies and techniques to scale your website revenue to the next level.
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Publisher Challenges and our solutions

Your challenges

  • Finding the right demand partners
  • Incorrectly positioned ads
  • Lack of insights and analytics
  • Low eCPM, LTV, ARPDAU, & fill rate
  • Policy violation & restrictions

Our solutions

  • Access to a pool of premium demand partners
  • Top ad format & placements suggestions
  • Access to data-backed insights and analytics
  • Increased eCPM and Fill rate
  • Resolution of policy violations

Features of our mobile app monetization solution

Powerful Mobile App Monetization Solution

The AdX dashboard helps you analyze your ads, ad slots, ad placements, all in one place. With live reporting, you can quickly review past performance data and make data-driven decisions to ensure maximum results.

Make your app monetization ready

Our QA experts help you app gear up for monetization. From running suits to adhere to Google policies to providing UI/UX suggestions, we help your app achieve holistic optimization to increase LTV and ARPDAU.

Proven ad revenue optimization techniques

Having worked with 5000+ apps, we preserve tried and proven techniques that boost ad revenue in no time. We handle all the heavy lifting from finding the right demand partner to identifying high-paying placements and bids.

Resolution to policy violations

Our programmatic advertising experts dive deeper into your app's ins and outs to identify potential violations. Besides solving the policy violations & restrictions, we implement best practices to avoid future violations.

Start app monetization with us

24/7 policy compliance support

A/B testing

Ad mediation

Adaptive ad content

Control over your data

Set up AdMob and FAN

Why 1500+ publishers trust us

Higher eCPM and revenue

Switch to Google AdX and discover premium demand partners that pay more for your ad inventory. Overcome violations and ad serving limits, and implement native ad formats that drive high engagement.

Achieve monetization goals

Access strategies with proven results for each app category. We help you set up Google AdMob and Facebook Audience Network (FAN), and find the right placements through end-to-end support.

Every impression counts

A/B test various formats, placements, and demand partners to find the best fit. Spend less time writing code. Instead, integrate SDK X to create ads and ad slots in seconds and optimize revenue.

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AdvertSplash Provides exceptional service with complete transparency. I've been working with them for almost 8 months and i am loving the quality of service they are providing.

Frequently asked questions

Dedicated account managers help in managing your AdX account and analyzing results. 24X7 support is available to resolve queries.

AdX supports free signup. However, our team will onboard you once your app is analyzed and qualifies for AdX.

You will receive the payout on a net 30-day basis.Your ad earnings will be released within a timeline of 30 days.

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